Information Management Faculty Council

Chairman of the faculty council, dr Małgorzata Cieciora, prof. PJATK

Student representatives in the 2021/2022 academic year:

Julia Lewandowska

Mateusz Lipiński

Khai Zin Thant

Natalia Kapturowska

The powers of the Faculty Council include:

  1. determining the general directions of the faculty's activity;
  2. adopting, after consulting the competent body of the student government, study plans and curricula, in accordance with the guidelines established by the senate;
  3. adopting, in accordance with the guidelines established by the senate, plans and programs for postgraduate studies and training courses;
  4. giving opinions on the Dean's annual report on the faculty's activities;
  5. issuing opinions on applications for the creation of fields of study and specializations;
  6. acting to ensure appropriate conditions and directions for the development of academic teachers in the faculty;
  7. systematic evaluation of the education process;
  8. creating conditions for the development of the student scientific movement and self-education of students;
  9. adopting resolutions on other matters specified in the Act, the statute or requiring statements from the faculty community.