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About us

The Student Council takes care of all matters relating to students – if you have any problems, feel free to contact us, because that’s what we are here to help you.

Certainly, at this stage of education, you already know the basic tasks of local governments, but for the ignorant we will add that we are an organization that, if necessary, will stand between the opposing parties, will try to solve students’ problems in all possible ways and help to implement the wonderful ideas of student brothers.

At this point, we would also like to invite you to cooperate and share your ideas.

We invite everyone who is willing to contact us via the form on our website, e-mail address or social networking sites:

And if you want to join us and work for the benefit of the academic community, we invite you to take part in the June or supplementary elections at the beginning of the summer semester.

Contact us when:

  • you need help in formal matters,
  • you are looking for information about upcoming events,
  • you have comments on the implementation of the classes,
  • you want to cooperate or implement an interesting idea.