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Fee reduction and Rector’s scholarship

Dear Students,

At the end of the semester we would like to remind you of the rules of the scholarship and the reduction of tuition fees for learning outcomes.

In order to to receive a fee reduction:

– you have to achieve an average of 5.0

– you don’t have to place an application, because the tuition fee reduction is granted automatically

Fee reduction amounts to 20% and is granted for 5 months.

In order to to receive Rector’s scholarship you have to:

– achieve a minimum average of 4.65

– own a Polish citizenship or meet one of the conditions for granting scholarship to foreign Students

– place a completed application at the beginning of the academic year – the application should be submitted after a full year of study (if you have started studies since the summer semester – you can apply for the Rector’s scholarship at the beginning of the summer semester)

Value of the scholarship depends on your average and is granted for 10 months.

conditions for foreigners.pdf

We wish you good luck and great winter break!

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